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Welcome to the University of Debrecen’s EDUROAM webpage!

The internal wireless system which was established in the frame of the HURO/0802/012_AF Project coordinated Centre of Arts, Humanities and Sciences of the University of Debrecen by the end of 2012 enables Internet connection to the employers of research and education institutes with the help of the eduroam service operating in 54 countries. There are 130 hot-zones at the busy public squares of the university’s different buildings.

The application of the service requires a personal institutional net identify code and password and also to set a WiFi instrument (notebook, smart phone, etc.). The service setting permits of free internet connection eduroam places both inland and abroad.

For further information about the net identify code please check the page “Information”, the guide of the instrument settings is available by selecting from the icons above while you can find other hot-zone locations at the page “Locations”.
In case of any questions please contact the DE ISZK 66333.

the Service Provider